WM Chandler T. Wilson

Worshipful Master Chandler T. Wilson

Welcome to the website of Roscoe C. Cartwright Lodge No 129. As Worshipful Master, I hope you find this site informative. Our members, professional men representing diverse careers and backgrounds, organize educational and service projects, such as our annual Seniors Dinner, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, Annual scholarship fund raisers and community clean-up. We also have several Masonic events to continue our work to benefit our community and promote a wonderful camaraderie amongst our members. The purpose of the website is to be an information resource in giving visitors, a small snapshot about our purpose, our cause and events. I encourage you to visit our lodge during our meet and greet events, and generally on Sundays to sit and converse with our members while also taking in the latest sporting events. This will afford you the opportunity to view the beauty of our fraternity of fellowship and brotherly love. Please visit our page often for any updated information about our social and community service events. Our mission is to have a strong, positive presence in our community, while making good men better.

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